Mixed and Various Media




acrylic, art, canvas, glass, mixed media, stained



Mixed Media


Watercolour, archival ink and gouache on wood. A personal depiction of my struggle with this health issue.

"Rip Curl"

Acrylic and foil on canvas.


Watercolour, archival ink and acrylic on wood panel.


Acrylic on Canvas

"Taking the Helm"

Archival ink on Terraskin


Mixed Media monoprint on watercolour paper


Mixed media pointillism on canvas. Each raised dot applied by hand.

"Winds of Change'

Watercolour, conte, copper leaf and metal on maple wood canvas.


Conté on Canvas, An ode to Inglewood


Conté and chalk pastel on birch.


Archival ink and clayboard etching.

Steampunk Clock

Conte and acrylic on vintage LP

"Steampunk'd Clock"

Conte, wood and copper on LP... and yes, it keeps correct time!

"Aslan on the Move"

Acrylic and glass bead gel on canvas.

For my children, who dream of being King and Queen of Narnia as they sleep...

"Aslan On the Move"

Acrylic on Canvas


Mixed media on canvas

Vertigo detail

Watercolour, archival ink and gouache on wood.

"Home and Away"

Watercolour, acrylic and conte on 2'x4' birch canvas. Comissioned piece.


Acrylic on canvas

"Reveilles" detail

Acrylic on canvas.


Acrylic on birch canvas.


Archival ink, alc ink markers on paper.


Watercolour and archival ink on Yupo.

"Coast to Coast"

Alcohol ink on Yupo paper


Alcohol ink on tile


Alcohol ink on Yupo paper.


Rubbing alcohol and sharpie on plexiglass.


Alcohol ink on tile.


3'x4' acrylic on canvas painted before live audience during Christmas program at Lantern Church.


Acrylic and glass mirror on canvas (48"x48"). Commissioned piece.

"Blue Moon"

Mixed media on canvas.


Acrylic and heavy gel on canvas. Inspired by Trifid Nebula captured by Hubble Telescope.

Braque study

Acrylic on canvas

"Twilight in Blue Mist"

Zentangle Inspired Art...a collaboration between my daughter and I!! Acrylic, sharpie and metal gears on canvas board.

"Saskatchewan Storm"

Acrylic on canvas.


Acrylic and Micaceous Iron on Canvas

Fall Fire

Acrylic on Hardboard


Charcoal on Terraskin

"Grandma's Porch"

Ink pointillism.

Fragile Strength

Pencil drawing, shadow study


Pencil drawing. Expression study.

Child, detail.

Pencil drawing.


Zentangle Inspired

"Tropik," detail 1 of 2

Pencil crayon texture study.

"Tropik," detail 2 of 2

Pencil crayon texture study.